Medicare supplement plans can give Seniors peace of mind and make Medicare costs monthly less complicated. It can become unwieldy without a Medicare supplement plan for those with original Medicare. Paying for medical treatment and keeping track of deductibles the out of pocket expenses can become overwhelming. So the best Medicare supplement plan would be the one that covers the most gaps in your coverage and balances your monthly payments.

Choosing the Best Medicare Supplement Plans

That will depend on the cost of the plan and which Medicare parts you need. Choose one that offers the best benefits and closes the gaps in the coverage you expect to use the most. The most complete plans, C and F are not available for new sign ups starting in 2020. Therefore, it is crucial to reevaluate all the Medigap policies that are available.

Plan G for New Enrollees

Because new enrollees are not able to buy Plan F and Plan C, Medicare supplement Plan G is the next best plan providing seniors the most coverage. It will cover just about everything that Plan F covers except the Part B deductible, making you responsible for the entire Medicare Part B deductible.

Plan K the Best Cheap Medicare Supplement

Plan K is the cheapest plan to fill the gap that provides some coverage for Original Medicare costs. However, Plan K is different from other Medicare plans as it only offers 50% coverage for Medicare Part B blood, coinsurance, Part A deductible, hospice and skilled nursing.

You need to take this into consideration if you need health coverage for skilled nursing. If that’s the case, then Plan K will cover only 50% of your costs.

Plan N an Alternative to Plan G

If you do not want to buy Plan G but still want complete Medicare coverage at a better cost, then Plan N would be a good option.

Plan N will cause you to miss out on Medicare Part B deductible and additional costs which can quickly add up as Part B covers several routine medical costs such as preventive services and outpatient care.